Up Too Late


Now *that’s* a knife!

So yeah, having grown up in the 80s, I associate Australia with Crocodile Dundee, Foster's Lager, kangaroos, koalas and Men at Work.

I probably still expect to find all of those on a trip to Australia, but I know there's so much more. I mean, any place that can produce such fine musicians as The Waifs and the John Butler Trio has gotta be something special. (And hey, Colin Hay from Men at Work has done some great solo work as well.)

Anywho, I'd love to attend one of Australia's famed music festivals. And of course see the opera house and do the bridge walk. Hrm, looks like I'll to need to buy a wide-angle lens, and a tripod:

reflections of sydney
Photo by paul (dex), on Flickr

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